Manufacturer & Supplier Of Innovative Knitted & Woven Sportswear

EOL is manufacturer and supplier of innovative knitted and woven sports wear for all sectors. Our constant endeavour is using benchmark technology that can be deployed to convert durable-fibres into comfortable apparels.

Essence of looms engages composite textiles, integrated supply chains and trend-setting technologies. We being experts in yarn dyeing, woven and knitted, fabric printing dyeing/processing, apparel manufacturing, digital printing, and embroidery; enables us to produce quality sportswear, league uniforms and comfort clothing to all pursuits.

EOL adopts the advanced technologies to deliver the Best in the business. Our motto combines desire to do and passion to achieve. We are people of industry brilliance and delivering a superb experience. Our commitment is to strive for excellence and customer satisfaction.

Our services


Product Development.

Fabric & Supplies Sourcing


Quality Control


We strictly follow the criteria established according to your specifications. A visual and dimensional inspection is made at the factory by our team members. We can offer the possibility to add an external quality control by an approved organisation if required by our esteemed clients.

Technical Aspects

Fresh and Lively-Feel technology creates an odour shield and healthcare well-being. It eliminates odour & bacteria from inside your clothes, our technicalities in textile manufacturing has antibacterially built in that makes you feel fresh always. Fibres are pretreated to repel stains, sweat, fungal and antibacterial quotient. FEEL DRY extracts, the heat generated moisture & body-wear away from skin thermal regulation. Feel dry pushes perspiration & moisture to the outer surface of the fabric, keeping you dry and cool. Feel dry stimulates faster drying and greater breathability for enhanced comforts.

EOL Uses fabrics offering outstanding stretch and comfortability to stay at ease wearing our clothing. These fabrics shape contours and lets you feel the unrestricted freedom of agility. They recoil once washed to the original shape. Workwear, Sports League kits, School uniforms are created for long-lasting and crease-free non-iron fabrics.

Safety & Protection
We have fabrics that are fire retardant. We also have luminous highlights ingrained that can be visible in night and fog. EN533&470compliant water repellant, all-weather or whether specific fabrics EN47 are available to choose with your favourite colours. We provide complete protection from the elements to enable your pursuits all year round.

Why choose EOL

Our technical skills are comprehensive, with a wide range of fabric, printing and construction advances at our fingertips. We have a worldwide development and sourcing synergies in team wear with performance, durability, breathability, and flexibility being at the top of our agenda. Team wear can be branded just as you choose; with embroidery, screen-printing, heat transfers or woven badges. We are also experts in developing new branding methods where required; to suit an extensive range of industries with particular emphasis on healthcare, hospitality, and corporate tailoring garments. We have a passion for the fabric, fit and functionality of our stylish, tailored corporate wear and workwear garments.

Additionally, we ensure that we deliver the best customer experience possible to our valued clients. Sports Casual- as well as developing professional sportswear, team wear and replica wear; we also design and develop a full range of complementary products for casual sportswear. These can be fully branded to your team kit or manufactured as generic lines. We design and produce a full range of casual kit including polo shirts, t-shirts, casual shorts and pants, track jackets and fleeces. Our sports casual lines are developed and quality controlled without any compromise. We work with you to agree with your market needs, applying our knowledge and experience to create sports casual collections that deliver on performance.

New Technology, New Innovations 100%
Wear & Tear Resistance 100%
Durable Quality 100%
Shrinkage Resistance 100%
Colorfastness 100%
Resistance To Fire 100%

Last but not least. Hefty aggregates of the profits from this business would be invested in the proceedings to help and support the upliftment of the down trodden handicrafts and weaving communities world wide who are responsible for the manufacturing and designing certain varieties of clothes according to the CEO of EOL. Choose us to Have the final triumph of wearing the best wardrobe from us.