Every enterprise should have a dependable fabric sourcing strategy to favourably meet production demands, and sample choice is the first step of the supervision. The first thing that you should be done before even beginning work on the prototype, is collecting order samples! While exploring the fabric options before starting the design phase, to have the flexibility of adapting ideas based on various existing and preferable possibilities.

Selection of the quality and quantity of the fabric needed for your production plays an important aspect that we give more importance to achieve our target that meets the demands of the client’s order. We follow a strict lead time for production and delivery after taking the order and planning a strict production schedule. Today with the increasing ease of outbreak to sustainable supply chains and growing demand for transparency, it is no good to turn a blind eye to the way the cotton usage and the ethical standards of the factory production of reliable fabric, without compromising on our acquisition.

Approaching the sourcing of the right fabric according to consumer demand; as a way to uncover new materials and manage our costs is helping to differentiate our brand from others in this industry. Understand the diversity of suppliers and opting for the correct source is our speciality and providing the right type of comfortable and durable mostly cotton in the production of our clothing lines.