The apparel manufacturing process is the organized aspect consisting of sequential procedures such as marking, cutting, laying, stitching, checking, finishing, pressing and packaging. The process of converting raw materials into appealing finished products would be difficult and to sustain in the industry if production is not, up to the mark and if the pre-production phase of development of suitable fabric material is not aptly done.

Sourcing materials and fabrics is a challenging process which we do perfectly. With so many different types of fabrics to select from; where to begin could be tedious. We do the best start with the proper idea of suitable material and fabrics with which we intend to produce the required clothes. We mostly prefer 100% cotton, poly cotton, cotton mixed with linen polished cotton fabrics as per the client choice. that are more comfortable and durable for longer spans. We avoid using artificial dyes or chemicals that cause skin allergies and other aversions to the consumers.

We employ robust production stages like Fabric Relaxing, Spreading, Form Layout, and Cutting,Laying,Marking,Cutting,Embroidery and Screen Printing if required (threading, lacing, crochet) for certain varieties of clothing,sewing, Checking the finished work on the product, doing Spot Cleaning and Laundry after finishing the outcome of the desired fabric, Fusing and pressing and finally packing it properly before exhibiting or shipping.