When Clothing brands face daily scrutiny in the vast completion that exists today for the suppliers’ working environments, their environmental impact, and the order delivery times. Hence quality control of the garments in the production plays a very vital role. Our products ultimately should need to speak for themselves to appeal to the consumers. There’s no best way to constitute our brand than with a product that meets your customers’ expectations. Here is where our strategy of quality control of fabrics comes into play. Many do impose the expenditure spent on the wastage of garments onto the consumers, but we follow a proper quality control mechanisms to cut down the expenses and channeling the money for production accurately.

We do import garments from abroad and also utilize local fabrics to produce desired clothes to meet the client orders. We set clear tolerances for garment measurements without paving way for wastage by Specifying each point of measurement in a spec sheet for all garments during production. We Conduct on-site tests and conduct garment inspection starting with Fitting test, Dry and wet cracking test, Seam strength test, Fatigue test of the fastener, Stretch test, and ‘Stitches per inch’ check and the zero in on the perfect fabric to start the production. We also perform lab testing for apparel quality control, Composition testing, Safety, and environmental testing and finally Performance testing to check the durability and comfort-ability of the produced garments.